Yes, it’s possible

in collaboration with Bocconi University of Milan
With the patronage of FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Italian Ambient Fund)


19 february 2015
Preconvention meeting with Association members
Rudolf Steiner School, via Clericetti 45 – Milan

20 e 21 february 2015
Bocconi University, Aula Magna Gobbi, Via Gobbi 5, Milan


22 february 2015
Franco Parenti Theatre, Via Pierlombardo 14, Milan


Yes, it’s possible to move from abstraction to concreteness. Many people have already started and walked this path.
Small and large farms are undertaking a new agricultural model that opens new horizons also in economic areas.

The conference of the Association for Biodynamic Agriculture, articulated in three days of reports and studies, turns to the academic, economic, rural, civil society, and especially young people, in the belief that the future of the country should be found in the revival of those sectors that have made it unique and special to the eyes of the world: agriculture, food, landscape, environment, tourism and handicrafts. Wide publicity will be given to the impact on employment and economics.
The first two days, which take place in the Aula Magna of Bocconi University, provide, in plenary sessions, the participation of academics, researchers, farmers and entrepreneurs, professionals of nutrition and environment, followed by parallel sessions of in-depth training and debate.
The third day, at the Theatre “Franco Parenti”, will be popular and enlarged to the participation of all citizens. There will be stands, guided tasting of biodynamic products and a play on the worrying decline in the population of bees, important biological environmental indicator.


Associazione per l’Agricoltura Biodinamica:
via Privata Vasto 4, 20121 Milano,
tel. 02 29 00 25 44
Email: info@biodinamica.org Sito: www.biodinamica.org

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