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XXXII Biodynamic Agriculture International Congress

90th Anniversary of the Foundation of Biodynamic Agriculture

for a New Agricultural Model

Cinema teatro Odeon,
Piazza Strozzi
, Firenze
20th - 23rd February 2014

Four Days to Learn, Discuss, Inquire, Taste and Experiment

The time has come to conceive a new agricultural model.
In order to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the foundation of biodynamic agriculture, the congress has summoned some of the top representatives of the rural world and contemporary society from various countries who will work together to renovate agriculture.
This unique event will give scientists the opportunity to divulge the latest news and to confront themselves with programs and applications related to the excellence in food production. Panels of farmers and experts will present cutting-edge farming techniques, which will be able to bring support and expertise in the field. Gastronomes and specialised reporters will lead lunches and tastings to strenghten the public's appraisal of good food. Quality, food certifications and humans' right to food soverignty will be among the different topics. Some doctors and administrators will talk about the effects of farming methods, environment and lifestyle on people's health. This are the grounds on which the economists will suggest their solutions to the hard times of agricultural activity. We will set up a constructive dialogue together with the members of the farming organizations and various intellectuals committed on extablishing new alliances for the sake of the planet.
The conference is based on the participants' active interaction who will join workshops devoted to the main branches of agriculture. Beginners will be able to get familiar with the useful applications of the biodynamic model. We are trying to achieve a new social model through farming. You are very welcome to join us.
The International Conference promoted by the Biodynamic Agriculture Organization will take place in the city of Florence, which has been selected twice as the location of the most important biodynamic event in Southern Europe.
Every year, the Biodynamic Agriculture Organization plans the conference with a socially identifiable pattern. The first part is specifically tailored to biodynamic people, while the second aims at a more mainstream public. The XXXII Congress will allow people to get acquainted with the world of farmers, consultants, reporters, scholars, doctors, researchers, economists and members of the institutions. They will all gather to establish new connections among people and organizations working for a groundbreaking change in the environment, the agriculture and the food.

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