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XXXII Biodynamic Agriculture International Congress

So what is Biodynamic Agriculture?

Biodynamic Agriculture is a method based on a solid scientific knowledge, rather than incidental findings on technology. It has therefore developed more innovative production processes than any other agricultural practice. These procedures and its results demonstrate the groundlessness of certain axioms of conventional agricultural technique. In fact, technological discoveries that from time to time have proved effective turned out to be inaccurate or completely unfounded.
We should bear in mind that the nutritional theory ignored the existence of vitamins or trace elements in the last century and not long before that it had not taken into account the amount of protein necessary for human subsistence, which was judged according to values that today would be considered prejudicial to health.
The technological data that have supported conventional agriculture have proven not exact in relation to a broader understanding of the processes. The great contribution of nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides has led to environmental damage and unexpected costs, which are still hard to determine. Also, progressive increase in production has led to a collapse in prices and therefore producers have reduced their income. The technology therefore sometimes lacks the more extensive knowledge that a proper scientific vision can give.
The laws that govern natural processes, such as economic and social ones, need to be known well beyond the first impression of technology. Moreover, the same technological know-how, which is reckoned to be at its highest peak of evolution, is facing a contradiction, namely the progressive destruction of the resources that are under his dominion. An inaccurate scientific view of plants, animals and humans must be corrected through a gradual expansion of knowledge and a free scientific research. To do this we need an experimental practice without any prejudice, which has its roots in modern science. At the same time, we also need to revise the method of observing and thinking. Research in the field of biodynamics will allow both the liberation of the current agricultural production from its structural limits, and it will also to pose a remedy to many of the economic problems associated with it.

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